General Information

Where Can I Find Details About The Competition?

Please refer to our Guidelines and Rules and Regulations for an overview and detailed information on the Adult Literacy XPRIZE.

Why Does My Team Need To Participate As A Legal Entity?

In order to compete in the competition, Teams must be organized under a single legal entity. This ensures that XPRIZE can engage with a single entity in all official matters, as opposed to dealing separately with individual Team Members. Please refer to the Requirements Overview for more information.

Why Does My Team Need Insurance?

A commercial general liability policy protects Teams from clai ms of injury, and property damage. Please refer to the Requirements Overview for more information.

Do I Need To Submit My Signed Team Member Waivers?

XPRIZE will inform all Teams when they need to submit their signed Team Member waivers. Please have your Team Members sign the waivers and then keep them on hand.

Whom Should I Contact With Questions?

Email Monica Groves, Community Relations Specialist for the Adult Literacy XPRIZE, at [email protected].

How Long Will The Adult Literacy XPRIZE Last?

The Teams Competition will end with the final award in October 2018, followed by the Cities Deployment that will run through May 2019.

Will There Be Any Extensions To The Submission Deadline?

On October 5, we announced that Judges had granted an extension to the Final Submission deadline from December 9, 2016, to March 9, 2017. Teams must submit an Initial Submission as a private alpha in Google Play by 11:59PM UTC on December 9, 2016, to remain eligible to participate in the competition. After the Final Submission deadline in March 2017, Judges may decide to grant an additional three-month extension to the start of the Field Test only to Teams who have met both the December 9, 2016, and March 9, 2017, deadlines. Such an extension will be used to give Teams more time to improve their apps before the start of XPRIZE’s user testing. A decision on this extension will be announced in April 2017.

Is The Goal Of The Adult Literacy XPRIZE To Replace Adult Education Programs With Apps?

No. Presently, adult education programs in the United States are able to address the need of less than 5% of the need of the more than 36 million low-literacy adults around the country, with even lower rates for adult learners in other parts of the globe. Our vision for the Adult Literacy XPRIZE is to bring the opportunity for high-quality education to every low-literacy adult, first in the US and then the world. This will include brick-and-mortar, blended learning, and autonomous learning tools.

When Will More Information Be Available About The Communities Deployment Phase?

We will provide more information to Teams about Stage 2 of the Adult Literacy XPRIZE in late 2017.

Does XPRIZE Assume Our Apps Will Be Used In Conjunction With A Teacher?

As a general rule, Teams should design their solutions for use by individual learners with the presumption that those learners do not have access to tutors or teachers on a regular basis.

Interim Submission

When Do We Submit An Updated Version Of Our Apps And Supporting Materials To Judges For Finalist Selection?

April 2018.

Will Literacynow Be Used For The Judging Of Our Interim Submission In April 2018?

No, we will need to download your app separately from LiteracyNow.

Do We Need To Make Our Apps Available For Judges Through The Google Play Store? Should It Be Completely Free?

We need to be able to download the newest version of your app directly from the Google Play Store and have it be free for judges to use. Please note that no side-loading is allowed. Also make sure the link you submit (and whatever access instructions go with it) complies with these requirements.

Do The Install Requirements For April's Build Mean We Don't Have To Worry About A Student/Tester Id For This Version?

Whether a team’s app needs to account for a student/tester ID is dependent on the design of the app. We encourage teams to instead consider the following use case: Each of seven judges will be using all eight semifinalist teams’ apps on a single device assigned to that judge. XPRIZE needs to be able to download the latest version of a team’s app to those seven devices free of charge and to enable judges to use the apps at their full capacity on those devices the same way a student would in the field test. How a team assigns judges log-in credentials, if any, is the decision of that team alone.

As We Are Pulling Student/Tester Id’s From The Literacynow Application, We Would Have No Other Way Of Injecting It Into Our App. Is There A Default Value We Should Use For The Interim Judging Period?

Teams are free to decide what log-in credentials they want judges to use. Teams may provide assigned log-in credentials to each judge, require judges to sign up the way a new user would, provide one log-in credential to all seven judges, or not require log-in credentials at all. Which log-in method a team determines to use is completely up to that team and should not be substantially different from how users currently log in.

Once Interim Judging Starts Do We Still Need To Be Concerned With Telemetry Reporting? Does The Data We Collect During That Time Still Count?

Teams are encouraged to continually and continuously collect usage and performance data that supports teams’ claims of effectiveness. The data we're collecting for judging purposes will be collected throughout the whole year of the field test; it will not be "paused" during the interim judging period.

How Different Can This Version Of My App Be From The Version I Originally Submitted And What Is Expected For Other Required Submission Materials?

Section 8 of the Rules & Regulations states, “Teams may continuously update their software in the same way as they would if the software were a standard product in Google Play.” The changes teams make to their apps are entirely up to teams. The Judges do expect, however, that the version submitted in April 2018 will be substantially similar to and reflective of the app participants have been using in the field. In effect, we would like you to submit the latest version that is indicative of the versions most field test participants are using as of the April 2018 submission deadline. If you intend to submit a version of your app that is not reflective of the versions in use by field test participants, you will need to provide: 1. An explanation and justification of those changes 2. An updated product development roadmap 3. A breakdown of how many users are using each version of your app (you should be able to obtain such information from your Google developer account), and 4. A timeline for transitioning remaining users over to the new version. This additional information will allow judges to evaluate the changes made and how they may impact user performance. In such a case, Judges will also continue to have access to the app you originally submitted for field testing to be able to evaluate usage and performance in context. Remember that you, as competing teams, have the final say on which version of your app you submit, your product development timeline, and what material you provide as evidence of your app’s performance. Information on submission requirements for such evidence (e.g., formats, verification requirements) has been previously shared.

Are There Any Size Limitations On Text Fields In The Interim Submission Form?

We encourage you to be as concise as possible in your responses. The submission form will contain more space per item than we anticipate you’ll need, but for your reference it has the following size limits: App name: 100 char., App link: 200 char., Additional information to be able to test/use your app: 2,000 char., Updates, features, improvements: 2,000 char., Expected usage pattern 2,000 char., Required questions: 5,000 char. each.

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