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Learning a new language is one of the most important challenges many of us face. Lots of countries have immigrants who are trying to learn the local language and fit in. Progress through traditional educational challenges can open up with improved language skills. Business is becoming increasingly global, and knowing another language can unlock new opportunities. And studying another language and culture is one of the best ways the break down prejudice and build appreciation in its place.

We love music. When we find a new favorite song, we listen to it often until we knew all the words and could sing along. Learning languages through songs, all the words are in context. Song lyrics are a memorable way to connect a word with the way it sounds, what it means, and the feelings it can evoke. Plus there's natural repetition that makes remembering much easier.

With those ideas in mind, we designed Lyriko. It has four modes, to help people with a range of learning preferences practice foundational skills. If you're already studying in a course or with another program, think of Lyriko as an extra tutor that can help you meet your goals even faster!

The team is full of people from different national and language backgrounds. Most in fact, speak English as a second language, so we're fully aware of the challenges of learning and living in another language. We take extra care to express what we mean and try to interpret what another team member said, creating a culture of consciousness about language and appreciation of its power.

Also, because of our diverse backgrounds, our design, art style, and music comes from many influences and strives to have a universal appeal.

Tech Information

Lyriko is a music game designed to build language skills while exploring song lyrics.

About Team Leader

Dan is the founder of Skylight Games, a social enterprise helping people of all ages fall in love with learning through games. He designed "Lyriko: Learn Languages with Music" to make language learning fun through song lyrics. He has designed games for learning for 13 years, and his work has been supported by the Gates, Hewlett, Verizon, and Woodrow Wilson foundations, the US Department of Education, Facebook, and MIT. Dan has also made games to teach math, science, and history.

Team Members

Dan Roy (Founder)
Masako Roy (Producer)
Jon Morley (Programmer)
Navdeep Yadav (Programmer)

Lyriko: Learn Languages with Music

Team Leader:
Dan Roy
Cambridge, MA, United States

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